Dear Parent , ... ... The school needs the original emirates ID of your son/ daughter to update its SPEA ‘s student portal data. ... ... Regards MIS


* The School has been striving to equip the classes with modern resources and technology. Recently, most of the classrooms have been provided with projectors and desktops for teachers to use during lesson delivery.

* The school's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) One well equipped and modern computer lab is available in each section of the School , while a respectable number of computers are available for staff in each section. Internet facility is available throughout the school and there is an efficient internal network that facilitates communication between staff.

* Library/Resource room The library/media staff provides an ongoing program of instruction in effective use of resource materials and equipment, and applies appropriate policies for library use and the means of assessing effectiveness.

* Well Equipped Clinics The School has Clinics with a doctor and nurses who are available to help during operating hours; a number of staff members have received First Aid training.

* Well Equipped Science Labs

* Indoor Swimming Pools

* All Purpose Hall

* Mosques

* Art & Music Rooms