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Suggestions for a video-based workshop.

Part 1: Ask teachers to work in groups of 4 to brainstorm about the topic.
(10 min)
e.g. What do you think makes an effective teacher?
What do effective teachers do?
Groups write initial responses (or on tablets), and leader records on a flip
chart (or sends to the smart board) 

Part 2: Show an introductory video (2-5min)
Brief discussion comparing what was written in Part 1. (5min)

Part 3: Show a main video (10-20min)
Groups write an action plan: "How to become an effective teacher".
Presenter collects each group's plan. 
Compile a master plan (send to your teachers, admin and Curriculum Advisor)
File for NEASC and MOE.

Part 4: Recommend showing Rita Pierson's video to close your session on a
high note (7.5min)


1.0     A CLOSURE video to end your workshop:
7.5min This is a video to END your workshop. A must watch video.

Don't you just love Rita Pierson? Leaving a legacy.
The comments are interesting too! Sadly she is not with us anymore.

2.0 SHORT INTRODUCTIONS (focus) to select from:

2.3min Top ten qualities of an effective teacher (IMPACT)

5min Good introduction video, 7C's of Effective Teaching:

4min introduction or summing up, 12 Characteristics of Effective Teaching:

5min features of Effective Teaching in 21C:

1.5min features of Effective Teaching:

2.1min What makes an effective teacher?

3.0 MAIN VIDEO FOR A WORKSHOP to select from:

17min EXCELLENT techniques for Effective Teaching and 21C. Everything in one

18.5min What is effective teaching?:

12.5min The 5 principles of highly effective teachers: Pierre Pirard TEDX

The Youtube comments are interesting too!

7.3min Modeling Effective Teaching

6min 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers 

3.5min Reflective Teaching


19min How to escape education's death valley: Sir Ken Robinson; A MUST


28min What makes great teachers great


23min The One Thing All Great Teachers Do 


17min The Toxic Culture of Education:

8.4min The essential key to effective learning: METACOGNITION

5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader
(request link)


Highly Effective Learning Strategies for students: