Admissions for 2019 - 2020 is now open for all year groups apply online and upload your child documents to guarantee a place . ... ... ... Dear Parent , ... ... The school needs the original emirates ID of your son/ daughter to update its SPEA ‘s student portal data. ... ... Regards MIS

Dear School Principals,

Greetings and warmest wishes from SPEA

In reference to the SPEA circular number 134 about

the Parent, Teacher, Students Surveys, we are now

ready to move forward with immediately

administering the Student Survey.

For grade 4 students and above, please facilitate

administering the Student Survey at your school.

The survey completion rate will be important for

each school and across the system to have reliable

results for your use, so please do your best. We will

keep you updated on the completion rates as this

moves forward.

Here is the Student Survey link to use:


Thank you for your cooperation and assistance