Dear Parent , ... ... The school needs the original emirates ID of your son/ daughter to update its SPEA ‘s student portal data. ... ... Regards MIS

You are kindly requested to invite parents to participate in the survey study conducted by SPEA on the reopening schools’ scenarios for the next academic year 2020-2021. Please share the link below and encourage parents to complete the survey before 5 pm on Wednesday July 1st 2020. Please provide a daily friendly reminder to the parents to do the survey to actively support the success of this research initiative.

The study seeks to understand the feedback of parents about the health and safety measures necessary to contribute to the success of the possible scenarios for the next academic year. It also obtains feedback from parents on household risk factors and demographics.

The participation rates and sampling error will be calculated and reported for every school. A report containing survey results for each school will be provided to each school principal for your use.