Dear Parent , ... ... The school needs the original emirates ID of your son/ daughter to update its SPEA ‘s student portal data. ... ... Regards MIS

Uniform and Appearance

Please label all of your child's personal belongings including: lunch box/ bag, shirts, trousers, shoes, jackets, towels, school bag, books, etc. Daily

* Black shoes and white socks are required.

* Fingernails must be clean and cut regularly.

* Hair must be tidy.

* Girls with long hair must have it pulled back or plaited.
* Boys must have their hair short and well groomed.

* Sandals are not allowed at any time.

* Trainers are only allowed on PE days.

P.E. (Physical Education)

* P.E. uniform (provided by the school).

* White trainers and white socks.

* Regular school shoes are not allowed on P.E. 39 days.  

Extra set of clothes

All KG1 and KG2 students must bring an extra set of clothes in case of accidents. The set should include shirt or blouse, shorts, underwear and socks. Please send these items in a plastic bag with your child's name on it.