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Student Council Events

• A Breast Cancer Awareness event was organized in September in the Girls Section and it included various activities. A bake sale was held as well, providing a variety of goodies and sweets.

• A breakfast was organized for grades 10, 11, 12 in the gym. Various types of food were prepared and brought in by students.

• The Flag Day was organized in the Girl’s Section playground where teachers and students gathered to raise the UAE Flag. Also, The Student Council Board Members planned an activity which comprised many girls wearing the different colors of the UAE Flag while standing side by side during the national anthem.

• The National Day of the UAE celebration, which took place in December in the Girl’s American Section, was a success with the help of the parents, school members, and students. A variety of folk dances and heritage exhibits were set up. Additionally, traditional food, such as sweets and well-known cuisines, were served.

• MIS Seniors were given an exclusive trip to Al Majaz Waterfront, which overlooks Lake Khalid and Al Majaz Amphitheatre. Class pictures were taken and a final picture of all the soon-to-be graduating classes as well. Students enjoyed the pleasurable weather while savoring a wide selection of breakfasts from different restaurants.

• Business Day 2019 took place on February 7th. Grade 12 students took the initiative of making their own products and delivering their unique services to the rest of the school. By holding this event every year, students broadened their understanding of the importance of buying and selling and profit and loss.

• The Student Council planned one of the biggest events of the school year for the first time in MIS history. Global Day brought together all of the different nationalities; this makes MIS one of the most diverse schools in Sharjah. The sound of music, the scent of food, and the feeling of happiness and serenity filled the air, bringing everyone together as one community, one school, and most importantly: one big family.